ASAP Utilities Download?

ASAP Utilities download is an add-on software developed for Microsoft Office Excel, which is among the most used office software. It is especially recommended for people who use Excel in enough. Thanks to the functions it offers, it enables many jobs to faster. ASAP utility software thanks to its features:
  • A superior sequence skill
  • Apply a separate function to selected cells
  • Deleting required cells very
  • Sort pages by color and name
  • Save printing features and make them available again
How to Install ASAP Utilities?
ASAP Utilities can following the steps below:
  • Any internet browser opens on the computer.
  • Go to “ASAP“.
  • Choose between download formats. There is a separate version for home and student and a separate version for work. These two versions address different usage goals.
  • The installation file.
  • Go to the folder where the file and the file double clicking on the file.
  • The process reading the setup options.
  • ASAP Utilities software will in seconds.

How to Use ASAP Utilities?

The use of ASAP Utilities is possible within the Excel software. A tab of ASAP Utilities will appear in the Excel software menu. Thanks to this tab, it is possible to use many features. The functions in the tab vary depending on the version of the downloaded software. The home and student version focuses on basic operations. While the business version includes much more specific features. The home and student version free of charge. The business version, , has a trial period first, and then a certain fee.
How to Uninstall ASAP Utilities?
The removal of ASAP Utilities is not different from other software as follows:
  • Press the Windows key and the letter R on the keyboard.
  • “Control” in the space in the small box that opens.
  • Then a menu will open. In this menu, “Uninstall a software.” section.
  • The list of software installed on the computer appears on the screen.
  • ASAP Utilities software and double clicked.
  • The software from the computer based on the “Next” buttons.

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