AutoHotkey Clicker Script Download Windows?

AutoHotkey auto clicker download windows 10 is the software you will use to create shortcut keys. Popular AutoHotkey, which is free software, allows you to perform automatic repetitive tasks on the computer. Thus, it can that the AutoHotkey application is a macro automation software for keyboard keys.

How to Install Auto Hotkey?

The steps you need to follow to install Hotkey are as follows:

  • Go to ““.
  • Click on “Download” on the main tab of the site.
How to Install Auto Hotkey?


  • You will see version options.
  • Click the option you want to download from “Current Version,” “V2 Alpha Version,” and “V1.0 Version” and start the download process.


  • Once the download is complete, you can view the installation file in the lower left of your browser.


  • After clicking on the installation application, you start the process.
  • It would help if you continued with the steps by choosing between “Instant Upload” or “Custom Install”.
How to Install Auto Hotkey-4

Lef Mouse.

  • When the installation process, the Auto Hotkey application will work on your computer.

How to Use AutoHotkey?

How do you activate clicker [Left Mouse}?

How to Use AutoHotkey


Here’s what you need to do to use Auto Hotkey:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select the “New” option.
  • Press “Auto Hotkey Script” among the options that appear.
  • After your file, you can start entering the code.
  • Before entering the code, you need to open the file under the editor.
  • Right-click on the file and press “Edit”.
  • You can then enter the code with Auto Hotkey.

How to Uninstall AutoHotkey?

There are two things you need to do to uninstall AutoHotkey. First of all, click the “Uninstall” icon by entering the directory where you installed it. The Auto Hotkey program will help you uninstall the application.

Click the “Uninstall” application in the directory where you have installed it. Auto Hotkey, and confirm the uninstall process and wait for the process to end. You can also uninstall the application via Control Panel. The way to uninstall the application via Control Panel is as follows:

  • Click on “Control Panel” on the “Start Menu” at the bottom right of the computer.
  • Enter “Programs and Features” via Control Panel.
  • You should click the “Uninstall a Program” button under the “Programs” section on the window that opens.
  • When you enter the uninstall window, you can view all the applications installed on your computer.
  • Find the Auto Hotkey application among the applications. Installed on your computer and right-click on it, and click “Uninstall”.
  • Uninstallation of the application will start. After confirming the process, wait for the process to finish.

When the uninstall process is complete, the program will run from your computer.

Is auto clicker illegal? [Toggle New Age]

Auto Hotkey is completely legal and free. Since users are open source, they have the opportunity to review all lines. You can download such programs from its site or via GitHub. The software you download from such sites does not contain malware. You can find answers to all the questions you want. The latest version is Auto Hotkey_L.

How do I make an auto-clicker Macro? [lbutton p P]

I seem to hear the question of how do I do the click macro. We have listed below for you and added a sample video. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the comments.

  • First of all, let’s open our macro editing program.
  • Let’s create a new macro from the left side.
  • Let’s enter the name we want to give.
  • Click the add case menu at the bottom right.
  • Double click the delay part by selecting the left button.

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