CCleaner Download?

CCleaner Download? The CCleaner application cleans unnecessary files on your computer by preventing your computer from running. The program has institutions that and free of charge. The benefits of the CCleaner program are as follows:
  • It helps to free up 28% of RAM by deleting unnecessary files.
  • It improves the speed quality by 53% for the computer to load other programs faster.
  • Clears the unnecessary space of 4 GB from the memory of the computer and makes it empty.
  • With this application, clipboard, recycle bin, temporary files, DNS cache, desktop shortcuts can.
  • Thanks to the program, all problems related to the Windows Registry and deletions take place.
  • Finds the same files installed on computers and deletes one to help free up space on the computer.
How to Install CCleaner?
The installation of the CCleaner application is as follows:
  • Install the application, click on the “Download CCleaner” link.
  • Then, when the download to the computer takes place, installation clicking on the “Setup” file.
  • When you click on the file, you will first see the selection screen related to the language of the program. On this screen, first press the “Options” button.
  • Then say “Settings”. Select the “Turkish” section on the “Language” tab. In this way, you will have translated the language of the program into Turkish.
  • After choosing your language, you need to select the operations that can with the program on the second screen.
  • So you have to choose which unnecessary programs you want to be removed from your computer.
  • After all selections, installation.

How to Use CCleaner?

The steps to use CCleaner are as follows:
  • First, click on the “CCleaner” tab to open the program.
  • Then, you should choose the “Windows” option on the “tab” menu.
  • Select applications from your computer.
  • Click on the “Analysis” tab to determine the dimensions and details of the items.
  • Finally, click on the “Start Cleaning” button.
  • Press “Continue” to accept the action.
  • After all processes, CCleaner cleans and presents the report of the cleaned programs to the screen.
How to Uninstall CCleaner?
The steps to uninstall CCleaner are as follows:
  • First, enter the “Control Panel” in the search section of your computer.
  • On the “Control Panel” tab, click on “Uninstall a Program”.
  • Select the “CCleaner” application among all the programs opened on the screen and click the “Uninstall” button.
  • The program will from your computer in a few seconds.

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