Ghost Mouse Download Windows?

Ghost Mouse download windows is a program that provides automation by recording mouse movements on the computer. It offers a small and simple interface. While using the Ghost Mouse different types of programs. It allows you to record and repeat the mouse movements that need to n series while allowing you to work with time savings.
How to Install Ghost Mouse?
The steps to install Ghost Mouse as follows:
  • Log in to “Ghost” via the internet.
  • The box titled ‘Download’ on the page displayed by the transaction.
  • After this process, the free latest version of Ghost Mouse starts to download to the computer.
  • When the installation is complete, the Ghost Mouse program file on the lower left of the desktop screen.
  • Click on the file and click on the boxes titled ” run ”, ” move forward ” and ” install ” in the following windows.
  • At the end of these steps, the installation of the program on the computer.
How to Use Ghost Mouse?
The steps to use Ghost Mouse as follows:
  • If an article is to, a new text document right-clicking with the mouse on the desktop and clicking on the “new” and then on the “text document” tabs.
  • If an application, the preferred program from the desktop.
  • After the process, click on the “Ghost Mouse” file on the desktop and click on the “run” box that appears on the screen.
  • After the operation, the blank text document once. With this process, the Ghost Mouse program emblem that appears in the lower right corner of the desktop.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ box in the new program control window.
  • The operation, the preferred combination operations to the text document.
  • A post can and then deleted, or listing numbers can. In application use, mouse commands to.
  • Then click on the arrow in the Ghost Mouse management window on the screen.
  • The mouse movement on the text document or program continues until the arrow again and the repetition.

How to Uninstall Ghost Mouse?

The steps to remove Ghost Mouse are as follows:
  • Click on the start menu icon at the bottom left of the desktop.
  • Click on the” Control Panel ” tab from the start menu table listed.
  • In the opened window, “Programs” and then “Remove Programs”.
  • With the process, right-click on “Ghost Mouse”, one of the program titles listed on the computer, and click on the “remove” command displayed on the screen.
  • With these steps, Ghost Mouse is completely removed from the computer.

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