GIMP Download?

GIMP Download? The GIMP 2 application is an alternative program developed for those dealing with photography and video. It is also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program. This application is an alternative to applications such as Adobe Photoshop and is free. The application can work compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. GIMP Software also draws attention by being an application that makes users comfortable thanks to its Turkish menu support. Having the options in Turkish allows you to find more about how to take your next step. Especially those who have used image processing program before will be much more comfortable while using GIMP 2 Software.

As for image files, they many standards. General photo editing program and if anyone can noun imagine You Nie will look like A popular program of its kind, Adobe Photoshop has similar menus and editing tools. Well, how to use is a noun, but they differ. Causing anyone to switch to use this person does noun have to study new methods of use. By this GIMP image editor, besides working as best as Photoshop, it besides has features that are beside difficult to resist. Load it to use where it for free. You will be able to use it with peace of mind without fear of piracy at all. Plus add a variety of dazzling features with plug-in And if someone has a cool idea, use a photo editing program This picture composes. Then bring it to share on Facebook and Twitter or be it on Instagram, it should work.

How to Install GIMP Software?

Installation of the GIMP application can from the official download site of the application. After entering this site, you can download the application to your computer by following these steps;
  • GIMP” When you enter the address, you are two different download options.
  • After the download option you click on according to your operating system, the download process begins.
  • After the download is complete, click on the program.
  • Press Run and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the installation is complete, you can start using your application at any time.
GIMP Download

GIMP Download

How to Use GIMP Software?

The use of the GIMP application proceeds as follows;
  • Go to the File menu on the left side of the application.
  • Create a new file or select the file you want to edit.
  • After selecting your file, position the image from the toolbox where you want the screen.
  • Using the tools on the edge of the screen, select the actions you want to make and apply them.
  • Since the use of the GIMP Software application is the photoshop program, users using photoshop will be able to use the application much more.
How to Uninstall GIMP 2?
When you want to uninstall GIMP 2 Software from the computer, you can perform the deletion process in a few seconds without any problem. Press a single button to uninstall the application. Select the GIMP application and press the delete key. After doing this, you will complete uninstalling the application from your computer. If you want to download the application again after uninstalling it, you can follow the same steps and download it. After completing the setup process, you can continue using it as in the first install. You will not for in-app or installation during use.

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