How to Change Facebook Theme?

How to change Facebook status background theme with Flatbook. New functionality for Facebook and an awesome new design. Some features of the Flatbook extension:

  • Who unfriended you on Facebook
  • Increased readability of the content
  • Read different news feeds
  • Viral news suggestions inside your feed

How to Change Facebook Status Background Theme?

With the Flatbook plugin developed for Google Chrome, you can the design of Facebook completely. The most popular social network in the world is changing some systematic things slowly, as Facebook should instead of going through a drastic. In addition, because it is difficult to predict how the rooted will have an impact on the user, Facebook prefers to present its design changes.

How to Change Facebook Background Theme?

There are many plug-ins for Facebook which cannot go through the flat design. Today, a new one has been added to the add-ons. The Flatbook plug-in that is compatible with the Google Chrome browser changes Facebook’s design from head to toe. Thanks to the Flatbook plug-in that makes Facebook look more modern, you can have a brand new Facebook design.

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