Openoffice Download Windows 10?

OpenOffice download windows 10 is an open-source program that allows you to create files, creates schemas, and perform operations in larger areas, like the popular Microsoft Office application. It is preferred programming because it can work on many different platforms. OpenOffice is the closest equal to Microsoft application and its efficiency power is wide. OpenOffice’s file codes can on any platform without the need for a plug-in. You can have this program completely free of charge as it as open source.
How to Install OpenOffice?
To install OpenOffice, you must first have a computer running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. The installation steps can as follows:
  • Log in to the original OpenOffice English page at “Openoffice.
  • On this page, you will see a header asking you to choose your favorite operating system, language, and version. Under this heading, enter the requested information and click “download full setup”.
  • Then, if you want to enjoy Turkish language support, you can also download Turkish language support by clicking the “download language pack” option.
  • After clicking, there is a statement that the download will start in a short time on the opened page, if the download does not start, you can start it.
  • Click the download file and click the next button to install it.
  • You can start using OpenOffice.

How to Use OpenOffice?

Using OpenOffice will provide easy use for those who have used Microsoft Office applications before. The interface and usage of the OpenOffice program is simple.
  • Base: Performs database usage and management.
  • Calc: Calculator and table processor that performs Excel functions.
  • Draw: Allows you to develop original drawings and designs.
  • Impress: It offers all the possibilities for you to prepare presentations, it is compatible with PowerPoint.
  • Math: Provides mathematical operations and formula applications.
  • Writer: It is a text file manager that provides ease of use with its Turkish plugin. It functions the same as Word and is compatible.
How to Uninstall OpenOffice?
To delete OpenOffice, you need to apply different steps on devices with Windows and OS X operating systems. These stages are:
  • On Windows devices, it as Start Key> Control Panel> Applications> Add / Remove Applications> Mark OpenOffice> Confirm.
  • On Mac OS X devices, you can complete the process by clicking the spotlight search button (top left) and dragging the OpenOffice application to the trash.

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