Recuva Program Downloads?

Recuva program downloads. The purpose of the Recuva application is to help you reinstall the files you deleted from your computer. From time to time, you may delete a file, or you may need a file that you deleted and regret that you deleted it. In such cases, even if you deleted the file completely, you have the chance to reload it. The Recuva application will help you in this case and reload the file you deleted on your computer. Regardless of the format of the deleted file, you can restore your file with Recuva. Once you have the app, you will be able to bring back the file you want in a few steps.
Recuva (data recovery program recover deleted files on Windows (easy to use). This program Recuva is a data recovery program developed by Piriform developers. who is the same team as the Junk cleaning program? A clean machine like the famous CCleaner. But this program is a program that has to recover lost files. Whether it intention Or not intended. But Or it may disappear due to virus infection. Has Or with other causes, such as infection and damaging virus. Push to delete important files, throw something like this. This program can help.
The program Recuva can recover data. Including files ordered Empty from the Recycle Bin and can still as well. Even the lost files on memory like those. Memory cards used on digital cameras. Smartphones or even flash drives (USB FlashDrive) can.

How to Install Recuva?

Installing the Recuva application can in a few simple steps. To look at what these steps are;
  • You can download the application from the address “Recuva“. Since this application is a side application of CCleaner, which is the cleaning program, CCleaner also goes down.
  • After entering the site, you should click on “Download Free Version”.
  • Under Recuva Free, you will see the place that says “Free Download”. This time you have to click here.
  • After downloading the file, you can complete the installation process and start using the application.
  • There is no Turkish language support in the application.
  • Yet, it does not have much difficulty during the installation and usage due to the very complicated interface.

How to Use Recuva?

If we take a look at what steps you can take to bring your files back while using the Recuva application;
  • After running the application, click Next.
  • At this stage, you have to choose which file type you want to recover.
  • After making the necessary selection, select the location of the file you deleted before deleting it.
  • When you click where it says Start, the application starts searching for the deleted file.
  • As a result of the process, the program shows you the files you have before deleted them in this format.
  • Whichever of these you want to bring back, you can reinstall it on your computer.
How to Remove Recuva?
When you want to delete the Recuva application from your computer, it is not enough to delete the program from your computer. Even if you stop the program from running on your computer by doing this, Recuva continues to take up space on your hard drive. To completely recover from the application, you can apply to a program that performs permanent erasing or try formatting your hard disk. Even if you delete it from the recycle bin, you still cannot completely destroy the program from your computer without applying other methods.

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