Red Panda VPN For Chrome Extension

Bank-level security protection

Red panda VPN for chrome extension, you don’t have to worry about disclosure. All your data will prevent theft. You can browse the Internet whenever and wherever you want.

Unlock limited content

Whether you’re at home, at work, or school, you can break the network limitation and use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You can visit your favorite media and websites as you like.

Privacy protection

Panda will protect your privacy. Hiding your IP address allows you to visit websites. No one can track your network behavior.

Simple and easy to use

Panda will offer you the best servers based on your location. And you can connect to any server you want. Currently, Panda provides many servers in America, Asia, and Europe, increasing this number.

Multi-platform support

You can enjoy our service on mobile phones, Windows, and macOS devices. You can protect all your devices with a Panda account.

Many protocols

Panda support many protocols, including Shadowsocks and OpenVPN. Panda will select the appropriate protocol for you.


We promise not to provide you with any advertising implementation environment.

Game acceleration

Accelerating PUBG Mobile, Garena, Free Fire, and other popular games

Red Panda VPN Review – What’s Good?

Red Panda VPN is at the forefront of the corporate security suite. It is a well-established internet security firm with its latest flagship product, Red Panda Antivirus.

The Red Panda firewall of a new company called GNH provides virtual network services. Like many companies in the industry, GNH noticed some weaknesses in the older version of the Red Panda firewall. And he wanted to develop a more robust system that would meet the needs of corporate customers.

The result is a product that offers industry-leading security options for enterprise customers.

Red Panda VPN Download

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Update: 05.10.2021