Unblock Youku Google Chrome?

Unblock Youku Google Chrome is an extension that provides unrestricted access to the Chinese network. It is accessing Chinese websites and accessing the video and music content from platforms on the Chinese web. By activating Unblock Youku through the Chrome internet browser. Many processes such as restriction problems.
During these operations, access restriction problems by geographical location. After the installation of Unblock Youku, it has a software type that is an extension. The internet browser and works when surfing the internet after the process.

How to Install Unblock Youku?

  • Click on the “Chrome” internet browser symbol on the computer desktop or the screen shortcuts.
  • Click on the square icon next to the ” Images ” fish in the upper right corner of the Chrome internet browser home screen, which the process.
  • The ‘Chrome Web Store‘ tab is from the titles listed by the transaction.
  • “Unblock Youku” in the in-page search bar at the top of this main page and click on the magnifying glass symbol.
  • Then, the download file name of the Unblock Youku software and the “add to Chrome” box on the screen.
  • Click on the box. After the process, the title “Add as an extension” appears on the screen. This title on.

After all these steps, the installation of Unblock Youku on the network. Unblock Youku as an extension to Chrome and start with these processes.

How to Use Unblock Youku Google Chrome?

Enough to connect to the internet after clicking. The Chrome internet browser symbol on the desktop and to enter. The website after writing the address information of the preferred Chinese webpage. Unblock Youku ‘is software that is an extension. The internet browser starts itself during access to Chinese sites and connects to a restricted area with its operating system. Depending on this information, any more definitions need. Use after the installation phase, and it works while surfing the internet. It allows easy access—the Chinese website where the address information.

How to Uninstall Unblock Youku?

  • I am clicking on the “Chrome” web browser symbol—the computer desktop or shortcuts under the computer screen, the interface.
  • Click on the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of the main page area.
  • ‘Other Tools’ title from among the headings listed with the transaction.
  • From the new list, click on the ‘Extension’ heading.
  • After the steps, the new screen will display the Unblock Youku extension name and the ‘remove’ coded title located opposite.
  • By clicking on the ‘Remove’ command, Unblock Youku from the current browser.

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Update: 30.11.2021