One Click Translate Chrome Extension is a translation program. It can translate 49 languages by providing 100% service. Google translations can right-click at once. It works in harmony with Google plugins. With One Click Translate Extension, select the sentence or line you want to translate and right-click translate. After clicking the Translate button, the translations. Plugins to English. Language settings can change later.

What is One Click Translate?

While surfing the Internet, we may not reach the result we are looking for in our language. At this point, browsing foreign sites is an effective method for our development. Yet, at this point, translation needs to understand the content on the foreign website in detail. The details about One Click Translate Extension, a translation program, are as follows:

  • One-Click Translate is a Google Chrome extension. The primary purpose of the program is to translate the desired text and.
  • Among these extension features, the user has the authority to customize. Thus, the person can create a shortcut with his unique designs.
  • Version v7.0.1 to redesign the translation options page.
  • It offers various language support. The person should create support through the appropriate language option.
  • Confusion can remove languages that MS Bing APIs do not support.

How to Install One Click Translate?

One Click Translate, one of the Google Chrome extensions, is translation software. For this software to work on Chrome, its installation must. At this point, the steps to follow for One Click Translate Extension installation are as follows:

Google Chrome web store

Image Source: Google Chrome web store

Google Chrome web store search

Image Source: Google Chrome Web Store

  • If you think the package is enough for you, there is an “Add to Chrome” button on the right side. After you click that button, the download and installation will start.
How to Install One Click Translate

Image Source: Google Chrome Web Store

  • After the download, you will make adjustments in the opened window. You can make your choices according to your needs. You have completed the successful installation of the One-Click Translate extension.

How to Use One Click Translate?

There are many Chrome extensions on the market. The fact that they all have different qualities pushes users to make a choice. At this point, you can perform the translation operations you need with your One Click Translate preferences. The details to know for the One Click Translate Extension usage steps are as follows:

How to Use One Click Translate

Image Source: Google Chrome Web Store

  • Install the One Click Translate extension. Then on your first run, go to the extensions page.
  • Find the One Click Translator tab among the extensions and click the “options” button.
  • Language options are available on the page that opens. Among these, make your settings for the return languages.
  • After your personalization, you need to refresh your browser. As a result, One Click Translator activates. For more precise activation, save your settings, then close and reopen the Chrome page.
  • After all these processes, your One Click Translator extension is ready to use. Highlight the text you want to translate and right-click on it. After this, the translation popup window appears. The highlighted text will solve after you click on translate with a few clicks.
  • Click on the blank area to hide your translation popup.
  • You can translate by highlighting specific text or solving the entire content of the web page.

How to Uninstall One Click Translate?

When you are not satisfied with the Chrome extension One Click Translate, you can remove it. At this point, here are the things to do when One Click Translate Extension is to uninstall after installation:

How to Uninstall One Click Translate

Image Source: Google Chrome Web Store

  1. Open the Google Chrome page on your browser.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. In the window that opens, click on “Settings.”
  4. After this process, go to a new page. Switch to the new page that opens.
  5. There are operation menus on the left side of the settings page. From these menus, click on the “Extensions” button in the second row from the bottom. After you click, a new window called “Extensions” opens. Switch to that page.
  6. In the “Extensions” tab here, all active or passive extensions you have used before.
  7. Find the One Click Translate package among these extensions. If there is no extension you have activated before, only the double click to translate box is available on this page.
  8. The package offers three different options. You can decide what you want to do with the “Details,” “Remove,” and active-passive button.
  9. If you want to stop using it for a short time, you can turn the green active button to gray.
  10. To altogether remove the extension, you can choose the “Uninstall” button.

One Click Translate Alternatives?

You can perform various research on your browser and watch many videos. At some points, you can research foreign sites. As such, you may not have enough foreign language to understand every word. You can get support through various Google Chrome extensions. You can translate the page written in a foreign language into your language. One Click Google Translate Extension alternatives are as follows:

  1. Simple Translator
  2. Click IVO
  3. Tureng Dictionary
  4. Google Dictionary
  5. Audio dictionary
  6. Google Translate
  7. Google Input Tools

Is There a Google Translate Extension for Chrome?

Most of the time, research can also be out from foreign sources. At this point, that language is insufficient. For this, improvement can provide optional extensions. Google translate extension alternatives for Chrome are:

  • DeepL Translator
  • I’m Translator
  • Lingvanex
  • Mate Translation
  • Speed Translator
  • Readlang Web Reader
  • Rememberry
  • Reverso
  • TransOver
  • XTranslate

How Do I Right-Click Chrome Translate?

The steps to right-click on the Chrome translation with the Google extension are as follows.

  • Hover over the word you want to know the meaning.
  • Highlight the word.
  • After highlighting, the letter “G,” the symbol of the extension you have installed before, appears on your device. Click on the “G” icon.
  • After you select the icon, the bubble offered by the extension will pop up on the screen. It provides you the English or language equal of the word.
  • The main point is that you complete the extension installation to appear in the “G” icon. Otherwise, the Chrome translation feature will not be active.

To meet all these needs, you can choose an extension that suits your needs. There are extensions, as well as a read-aloud feature. It is available in wings that can translate video subtitles. You can add a professional dimension to all your work with your wide range of extension preferences. When there is no extension, copy-paste moves to translate from a new tab. It is a tedious and time-consuming process.

How Do I Get Google Chrome to Translate a Page?

You can help the process in your foreign research or while learning a foreign language. You can get multi-functional extension support for your convenience. Thus, you can gain competence to speed up the process and without wasting time. Here are the steps required for a page to translated Google Chrome at this point:

  • When you add an extension to your browser, you will receive a warning when you log in to a site created using a foreign language.
  • The original text language of the site is in the warning that appears on the screen. You will confirm whether a translation will differ between the English language.
  • If you give “translate” confirmation to the box, the page will. It is also possible with One Click Translate.

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Update: 17.10.2021