AdBlock is the best ad blocking plugin that you can download and use for free if you prefer Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Opera as a web browser on your Windows 10 computer. By eliminating ads placed at certain points on the web pages, you can both save your quota, protect your online privacy and navigate faster.

AdBlock’s new version of the free, secure and effective ad blocking plug-ins is fully compatible with Microsoft Edge. Like other Windows 10 applications installed and ready to open when you open the browser, the plug-in can interfere with every point of the web page. It magically destroys banners, allowing you to browse pure, content-only pages, and unlike any other, does not leave blocked ad space open.

It’s hard to find a secure and effective ad blocking program that doesn’t track browsing history and doesn’t need personal information. Like I said, it’s the best ad blocking plugin you’ll find if you’re using Edge on your Windows 10 computer.


Chrome Adblock, as the name clearly indicates, is a plug-in for Chrome browsers that is used to block online ads. Adblock, which has been in existence for a long time in Mozilla Firefox, finally came up with a specially designed version for Chrome.

Adblock For Youtube and Chrome

Adblock For Youtube and Chrome

With Chrome Adblock, we are able to block ads that appear on the websites we visit and which noticeably lower our page speed. As you know, these ads sometimes appear so often that they make it harder for us to focus on the content on the page, as well as reducing our page speed. Fortunately, filtering them with Adblock is very easy and effective.

The logic of the plugin is extremely simple and has no negative impact on the system. As a result of the filtering it performs, it automatically blocks the ads we encounter on websites and increases our browsing speed noticeably.

If we want to stop the plugin, we can do it with a few clicks. You can also follow the ads that may be of interest to you by disabling the plugin in accordance with your request.

If you want your browser to run much faster, I recommend you try Chrome Adblock.

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