OpenOffice Download? Is Open Office free to download? Is OpenOffice safe to download? How do I download OpenOffice? Will OpenOffice run on Windows 10?

OpenOffice download program is free office software and this software has open-source. It doesn’t matter what your computer’s operating system is to use the app. It can on all operating systems and the application can free of charge for each operating system. With this application, you have the opportunity to open MS Office programs on all the computers you use.
OpenOffice receives support from Sun Microsystems, a software company. It supports all operating systems using all basic office applications in a compatible way. As it has this feature, it is among the most preferred applications.
How to Install OpenOffice?
To install the OpenOffice program, you must first log in to “OpenOffice“. You can find the safe download option on this site. Here are the steps you need to follow when you open the site;
  • Once the link, you will see what the latest version is on the home page.
  • You need to click on the “I want to download the latest version” option.
  • After starting the download for free, wait for the program to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, you need to right-click and select start.
  • Start running the application with this option and complete the installation by following the steps shown to you.
  • With the completion of the installation, you can start using the OpenOffice program without any problems.

How to Use OpenOffice?

The use of the OpenOffice program will be quite simple for those who before used this type of office software. Because the use of this program is like other office software programs. Its simple interface makes your job even easier during use. There is a lot of software in the OpenOffice program. You can choose one of these software depending on your intended use.
  • Base
  • Mather
  • Writer
  • Draw
  • Calci
  • Impress

How to Uninstall OpenOffice?

Uninstalling OpenOffice from the computer can be difficult for some users. If you encounter an error when you do this, you can perform the deletion by following these steps;
  • Enter the start menu.
  • In the Run section, type Regedit.
  • Then go into the error details and from there, find the application’s key and delete it.
After these processes, you will completely remove the OpenOffice program from your computer. The remnants of the application will be completely deleted with these steps.

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