PDF Conversa Download Windows?

PDF Conversa download windows is an application that allows you to convert your files to PDF format. With the PDF Conversa program, you can convert your Word files to PDF. Likewise, it is an application that can convert your PDF files into Word files. Even if there is a template or table in the PDF file, it can convert it to a Word file.
PDF Conversa is not a completely free application. It is from the application site with a 14-day trial version. At the end of 14 days, you can switch to Premium mode to use all the features. At the same time, the program, which has a program encryption method, has the opportunity to store PDF files with high security.

How to Install PDF Conversa?

To install PDF Conversa, you must have Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista. Turkish language support is available. Installation as follows:
  • Go to the program’s original installation and buy the site “PDF.
  • Click the Download button to use your 14-day free trial from the Download or Buy options on the page that appears.
  • Finish the installation of the downloaded file by clicking the “continue” button a few times, and confirm.
  • You can view your application from Start> Control Panel> Applications.

How to Use PDF Conversa?

Using PDF Conversa is thanks to its simple interface. The use of the PDF Conversa program can be as follows:
  • Start your application. You will see the screen where you can select the conversion type you want from the Welcome section.
  • There are two tabs from the top tabs as PDF – DOC or DOC – PDF.
  • Click on that tab whatever action you want to do.
  • Add the file you want in the first blank.
  • In the second space, specify where you want to save.
  • Add the PDF password you have before set.
  • You can change this password setting from the Settings pane on the upper tabs.

How to Remove PDF Conversa?

To delete PDF Conversa, you need to follow different steps on Windows operating system devices. We can show these stages as follows:
  • The Start Key is in the lower-left corner on Windows devices.
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Applications pane.
  • Check the Add / Remove Apps pane.
  • Tick ​​the PDF Conversa program.
  • Click Confirm to delete the program.

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