SurfEasy Vpn Chrome?

SurfEasy VPN Chrome. VPN software that allows you to connect to the Internet and thus protect your identity. Even those with little experience in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can hide their identities with this simple application.

Speed and Reliability (Review)?

It’s not the fastest VPN, but SurfEasy’s speeds will still meet your needs.
  • It provides excellent speeds in the exact country locations. If you connect and use SurfEasy, you won’t have much trouble doing anything.
  • Yet, SurfEasy is below average for long-distance connections. We have achieved very low speeds when connecting to the US and Australia across the continents.
  • SurfEasy lags behind its competitor’s latency. It is not an ideal VPN for gamers.

Encryption and Security? (Reddit)

SurfEasy takes the role of a VPN, but it doesn’t exactly match the top providers regarding security. We researched and discovered that SurfEasy’s desktop application works on OpenVPN, which is the most secure of various VPN protocols. It is a good thing. The disadvantage of SurfEasy is that it does not have a VPN kill key. The kill key kills your entire internet connection if the service stops for any reason, thus keeping online visitors private. Without one, you risk exposing yourself to enthusiasts and hackers.
All your web traffic through SurfEasy’s own secure DNS servers, rather than those owned by third parties such as your Internet Service Provider or Google, is protected from prying eyes and keeping your online activity private download. Another bonus is a built-in ad tracker blocker that uses a unique algorithm to block advertisers’ tracking cookies to track your online download. If you open it in the desktop app, you’ll have the number of ads and viewers in the last 30 days, but we can’t be sure how accurate it is. Regardless, it seems to be a great property to have and works very well.

Easy Surf VPN install

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Update: 03.11.2021